ANZA Corporation is an industrial Teflon Coating expert team. We offer premium Teflon Coating Services. We have group of expertise. We have 25 years of experience. We are specialist in Textile rollers Teflon coating, sizing machine roller Teflon coating, drying range machine roller Teflon coating, thermal-sol mini roller Teflon coating, Medical instrument Teflon coating, pots Teflon coating, Chemical tanks vassals Teflon coating, photo copy roller Teflon Coating, leather machine roller Teflon coating, all kinds of molds Teflon coating, electric panel Teflon coating, we offer different colorful shades.

All industrial Coatings PTFE, FEP, PAF, ETFE high performance non stick, Chemical Resistance, anti Corrosion, electricity resistance coating.

Food Grade Safe High performance non stick coating for Bakeware and Cookware. Bakeware Coating, cookware coating,  pizza pan coating

All kinds of Non stick Coatings for Mold Release.

Surgical coating, Pharma grade coatings for surgical instruments. (Sialkot)

We are dealing in Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Peshawar, including all the cities from Pakistan. Sialkot.